HEIDI KESEL of WESTERN, NY has been missing for over a week. Her closest friends and family, including her sister, have not seen Heidi, nor have they been able to reach or contact her. Law enforcement has issued a missing person's report. We ask our listeners to stay on the lookout for Heidi, she was last known in the areas of Avenue's A, B, & C, as well at St. Paul and Maple Street, all in Rochester, NY. She was also known to be in the Irondequoit, NY area, as well.

Heidi has dark, curly, brown hair, dark brown eyes, & a light skin complexion. We're unsure of her exact height, but she's of average height. If you have any information, you can contact Law Enforcement with tips or sightings, and you can also contact us through messenger (quickest way) on either Facebook or Instagram so we can get the info to her sister as fast as possible. Here's a few recent photos of Heidi <3

Thank you to all of our listeners for keeping an eye out for her <3

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