Episosde 12: Christmas! Saturnalia & Belsnickle

We have a special 2-in-1 holiday episode for you this week! First, Jenna goes way, wayyyy back to to tell us all about the Roman Pagan tradition of Saturnalia. Next, Noelle tells us the Pennsylvania Dutch, German derived story about the Belsnickle. Saturnalia B.C.E

Io, Saturnalia! Saturnalia tree for decorating

Saturnalia (

The Belsnickle

Belsnickel, all dressed in fur | From Tiny Pennies

Episode Sources: Saturnalia:,took%20place%20during%20the%20festivities.&text=In%20wealthier%20Roman%20households%2C%20the,selected%20from%20among%20the%20slaves.,of%20the%20earth%20and%20Underworld Belsnickle: Christmas Traditions: The Belsnickel - Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

Christmastime in the Land of the Belsnickel | Visit PA Dutch Country

Christmastime in the Land of the Belsnickel by Matthew Burns | Visit PA Dutch Country

Belsnickel - Wikipedia

Pennsylvania Dutch Traditions (

The Belsnickel - Belsnickel Enterprises (

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