Episode 77: The Nutty: The Children of God

If you tuned into last week’s episode, we figured out together, that this week’s episode was going to be on a cult. This cult has really horrible aspects to it, but it’s not the Jim Jones kind of cult either, where it all ended super tragically. The cult on this week's episode is crazy in the way the folks who’d joined were brainwashed, and what they were brainwashed into thinking was normal and okay. This episode contains graphic content that could be triggering, listener discretion is always advised. Many pictures of David Berg are copyright protected. The ones that aren't are of him smiling, and we aren't going to use those either. So, if you're curious as to what he looks like, go to Google :)

Follow the link below to see everything about the Children of God all in one place. You can also see some of the Mo Reports, video archives, and more. XFamily - Children of God Episode Sources: The Family International - Wikipedia

David Berg - Wikipedia

Teens for Christ - Wikipedia

Karen Zerby - Wikipedia

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