Episode 76: The Bloody: Jeffrey Dahmer

May 27, 1991 was a fairly normal day in Milwaukee Wisconsin. That was, until Police were called by concerned women who’d encountered a naked boy on the street.

He was disoriented and had visible bloody injuries. Once police arrived, they were met by a normal, looking man who stated the boy was actually his boyfriend, and there had been a small domestic dispute, but all was well.

What the officers didn’t know, was that they were in the presence of an active serial killer, and his next victim.

Jeffrey Dahmer Highschool Yearbook Photo

Dahmer Mugshot

Jeffrey Dahmer | Mug shots | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Dahmer's Bedroom

Photo: Milwaukee Police Department / Public Domain

Portions of Human Flesh Wrapped Like Meat

Photo: Milwaukee Police Department / Public Domain

Vat of Acid Containing Human Torsos

Photo: Milwaukee Police Department / Public Domain

Drawing of Altar That Dahmer Wanted to Build

Victims of Dahmer

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