Episode 60: The Bloody: Thanksgiving Murders

Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday. Between resentful families gathering around the table resulting in murder, massive amounts of car accidents, and even heart problems from all the food, Thanksgiving is the holiday with the most recorded deaths in the U.S.

Today, we'll be covering 3 of the most well known Thanksgiving murder cases. Happy Holidays!

Paul Merhige

(1) Facebook

Omaima Nelson

Omaima Nelson | Snapped Photos (

Omaima Now & Then

Former Model Who Killed, Ate Husband Denied Parole | Fox News

Christopher Gattis Image: Chesterfield County, Va Police

Jeanette & Candice

Image: Facebook


Image: Facebook

Episode Sources: No Thanks: 5 Notorious Crimes Committed On Thanksgiving Day | Murder on CrimeFeed | Investigation Discovery

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Omaima Nelson - Wikipedia

Omaima Nelson | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Omaima Nelson | Snapped Photos (

Video evidence introduced in triple homicide case | Chesterfield Observer

"I will go out. I will leave": Wife, stepdaughter and her boyfriend pleaded for their lives before ex-pastor killed them | MEAWW

Man slaughtered his family at Thanksgiving while they played a board game - Mirror Online

When A Pastor Lost Patience – Three Dead At Thanksgiving | True Crime Library

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