Episode 53: The Haunted: The Hinsdale House

This week’s haunted episode may be short, but it’s pretty well known not only in NY, but across the country. It’s been visited by 3 different tv shows, and numerous books have been written about the location. It's not only known for its hauntings, but the hauntings have been said to be demonic in nature. Stay tuned for our very own Paranormal Snoop at the Hinsdale house!

The Hinsdale House Roadside View

Haunted House : 10 Most Haunted Houses In America. Haunted ( Image via – Livescifi The Hinsdale House Up Close

With Halloween around corner, Hinsdale Haunted House sees paranormal interest pique | News |

Father Alphonsus Trabold

Episode Sources: Paranormal Cases ( Hinsdale’s haunted house has all the frightful ingredients | News | Haunted WNY: History Lurking Within The Shadows at The Hinsdale House | Hinsdale Haunted House Owner Talks at Olean Public Library About Efforts to Enhance Experience and Find Answers | Greater Olean, NY News TAPinto Buffalo's Best Haunted Place: The Hinsdale House (

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