Episode 35: The Bloody: The Co-Ed Killer

This killer is top on our list for the most psychologically intriguing serial murderers. His articulate and diabolical routines are shocking, terrifying, and just downright gross. Once he realized his end goal, he took care of business and never murdered again. Edmund Kemper - Mugshot

Edmund Kemper - Wikipedia

Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office Ed Kemper, Pic to Show His Massive Size

Edmund Kemper's brother says family live in fear of his release from prison - NZ Herald Kemper's Victims

From left to right, top row: Maude Matilda Hughey, 66 [8/27/1964] grandmother, Edmund Emil Kemper, 72 [8/27/1964] grandfather, Mary Ann Pesce, 18 [5/7/1972], Anita Luchessa, 18 [5/7/1972], Aiko Koo, 15 [9/14/1972] Bottom Row: Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Schall, 18 [1/7/1973], Rosalind Heather Thorpe, 23 [2/5/1973], Alice Helen “Allison” Liu, 20 [2/5/1973], Clarnell Elizabeth Stage Strandberg, 52 [4/21/1973] mother, Sara Taylor “Sally” Hallett, 59 Serial Killer: Edmund Emil “Guy” Kemper *Co-Ed Killer* | Bonnie's Blog of Crime ( Episode Sources: Edmund Kemper - Wikipedia

Edmund Kemper - Mother, Murders & Facts - Biography

Ed Kemper: How The FBI Began Profiling Serial Killers With Help Of 'Co-Ed Killer' | Crime News (

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