Christmas Episode: Christmas Haunted Houses & A True Crime Christmas!

Starting the episode out with some fun, we explore Christmas themed haunted houses throughout the United States. To finish out the episode, we dive into a crime from the earlier 1900's that decimated a family, and the questions which surrounded this case were never answered. Evil Elves at Wreck the Halls in Texas

Photo by: Dark Hour Haunted House Scariest Christmas Haunted Houses | Travel Channel

The Lawson Family, Last Photo Before Murders Left to Right, Top: Arthur (16), Marie (17), Charlie (43), Fannie (37), holding baby Mary Lou (4 months) Bottom: James (4), Maybell (7), Raymond (2), Carrie (12).

Episode Sources: Christmas Haunted Houses: Scariest Christmas Haunted Houses | Travel Channel

Feel the Christmas fear at these holiday haunted houses | Roadtrippers The Lawson Family Murders

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