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The Bloody:
Leonarda Cianciulli

Leonarda Cianciulli was a lady killa all the way from Italy. She was a soap maker who used some pretty nefarious ingredients to make the soaps with which people cleaned themselves. Are you curious yet? Be sure to give this week's episode a listen to find out the details.

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Freaky Friday
May 20th, 2022


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The Haunted, The Bloody...
The Creepy, & The Nutty!
Moving Smoke

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More Than Murder was born from best friendship, bonded by spooky things, true crime, and mayyybe some musicals and Broadway in between.

Hey Everybody! We’re Jenna & Noelle. We’ve been besties for over 10 years and counting, and have always been 2 pea’s in a pod when it comes to our slightly morbid and creepy interests.

Finally, we decided to start our (2 pea’s in a) podcast, More Than Murder, where we delve into everything eerie with a side of true crime.

Join us on a tour through the haunted, the bloody, the creepy, and the nutty. Find new episodes on our Freaky Fridays!


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