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The Nutty: 
Alice Roosevelt

On this week's episode we talk about Teddy Roosevelt's daughter, Alice. She is quite the character, and we decided she deserved an episode of her one. Enjoy this listicle telling of how Alice broke the standards set in place for women, especially in the early 1900's, and how she also became the most well-known socialite pretty much in presidential history. We love her!

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Freaky Friday
June 24th, 2022


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More Than Murder was born from best friendship, bonded by spooky things, true crime, and mayyybe some musicals and Broadway in between.

Hey Everybody! We’re Jenna & Noelle. We’ve been besties for over 10 years and counting, and have always been 2 pea’s in a pod when it comes to our slightly morbid and creepy interests.

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